Our Center is located on a secure tree-lined property in West Palm Beach, Florida. This serene, peaceful environment is perfect for our clients, who need a place to focus on their physical and emotional well-being. Warm weather year-round, convenient amenities and our passionate, experienced and welcoming staff provides a positive environment and gives our clients all the tools they need to start the successful journey to recovery.


The Center has new, modern furnishings, a warm décor and comfortable living and common spaces, as well as access to outdoor seating areas. Clients take their meals in a relaxed community environment. Our fully catered menu is supervised and tailored by our licensed and registered nutritionist to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Our goal is to make our clients as comfortable as possible during what we know will be a difficult time. To this end, the following features help make our accommodating, home-like facility an ideal place for our clients to be able to experience detox and successfully manage the withdrawal process:

  • Several single-occupancy rooms (subject to availability)
  • Spacious double-occupancy rooms
  • TV’s in all bedrooms
  • Comfortable common living areas for meetings and group activities
  • Covered outdoor seating area; and
  • Full-Service daily housekeeping


At Paragon, we strive for the highest standards in private detox treatment and care. Often, treatment centers that hold themselves out as high-end luxury facilities don’t provide anything close to a top-tier level of care, let alone even effective care. Many medical detox centers do not carry the proper licenses or employ an adequately trained staff. In fact, many of these so-called “high-end” private medical detox facilities house their clients in substandard unsupervised motel rooms or in a “community” or “sober” living house rather than in a suitable clinical environment with a supervised staff and around-the-clock professional medical care.


Given the seriousness of drug addiction and the withdrawal process, we find these arrangements to be insufficient and irresponsible (if not hazardous) with respect to the clients’ best interests. Detoxification from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines and other similar substances is an in-depth process and is unique to each individual client. A safe and effective treatment plan calls for assessments (physical and psychiatric), medical oversight and protocols that should only be directed and carried out by highly experienced medical and treatment professionals who are subject to credentialing and oversight by all applicable authorities. This is what our clients will receive at Paragon.


Detox is a crucial and difficult time that deters many individuals from even starting the process. Most clients are concerned about the withdrawal symptoms and how they will be managed. Depending on the type of addictive substance, there are various withdrawal symptoms that can cause complications which require the immediate attention of a medical professional. Our clients can rest assured that they are under the 24-hour supervision of trained professionals that are, first and foremost, concerned with their health, safety and comfort.


Our program includes the latest evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, individual and group therapy sessions, around-the-clock nursing, a properly supervised nutrition plan and a staff-to-client ratio of 4-1. Because of our exceptional staff-to-client ratio, we can deliver continuous clinical monitoring and personal and compassionate attention to our clients, which is crucial for a successful detox and withdrawal process. All of these factors go into creating the beginnings of a sound foundation for recovery.


Although drug and alcohol medical detoxification is only the first step, our clients will take part in some of the various services that we provide in order to make the most of their time at our Center. These services may include individual therapy, counseling and group activities. These activities, even at this early point in the recovery process, will help clients fight against the isolation that is often felt while going through detox by allowing our clients to work alongside others going through a similar experience.


Medical detox is necessary for most people trying to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Withdrawal from addictive substances often requires medical supervision to prevent life-threatening medical complications and ensure client comfort during the detox period. The methods and approaches in how a client handles detox will, without question, set the stage for their sobriety from that point forward. Our program is designed solely to prepare our clients to enter the next phase of treatment and be physically and mentally ready to begin the hard work of overcoming their addictions.


Paragon is much more than a safe and comfortable environment for detox and withdrawal.  Our goal is to create a springboard to the next step of recovery and a whole new quality of life.


We are conveniently located just 10 minutes from the beach and 6 miles from Palm Beach International Airport. We are also just minutes from I-95, providing easy access to all major metropolitan areas in South Florida. Our staff can provide complimentary transportation to and from the airport and any treatment centers, as needed, to allow for a seamless transition once a client is ready to move on to the next phase of their recovery.

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