Webmin, Virtualmin, and cPanel


Provision Tomcat, GlassFish, and WildFly instantly from within WHMCS! Clients access everything via cPanel. No extra control panels to install.


Offer private Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, and Jetty to your clients on Virtualmin. Fully automated using native Webmin coding


Provision Full LAMP with Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, and Jetty with confidence. Muti-instance or single instances.


Instant Provisioning

Provision private Java instances quickly, securely, and with any version your clients may need. Customers get complete control via cPanel, Virtualmin, or Webmin.

Make It Your Own

No links of branding. All customer-facing components can be customized on a per-server basis to suit your own brand and business needs. Use our pre-made templates or create your own.

Happy Everyone

Built with PHP, JSON, and Perl, our modules have a tiny footprint. You never spend resources on our modules, only on customers. Customer will love the ease of use and control.




No Extra Control Panel to Install


No Control Panels to Install

Webmin, Virtualmin, and cPanel

Any version of Tomcat, GlassFish, and WildFly

Simple, Unlimited Pricing

Update Java Servers On-Demand

Provision and Manage via WHMCS

Tiny Footprint - Built with PHP and JSON

Stop, Start, and Restart via cPanel

One-click domain mapping via cPanel

Updates and Ticket Support

Simple, Unlimited Pricing






Are the Unlimited Plans really unlimited?

Yes, all the unlimited plans provide you with the ability to install any CoffeeCP services on an unlimited number of VMs or physical servers.


How can you support unlimited installations ?

Handily. CoffeeCP is built with PHP, JSON, and Perl. It's small, simple, and smart. This makes it easy to build and maintain.


How long have you been doing this?

The product is offered via Cited, Inc with support from VooServers. Both companies are entering their 10th year in the hosting industry.


Is there any links or branding?

No. There are no links or other branding on any of our products. You can also customize all customer-facing components to suit your needs.


Does CoffeeCP alter my control panel ?

Never. All CoffeeCP products use native Webmin/Virtualmin/cPanel functions and can be removed in seconds with no impact. You do not need to alter your services to use CoffeeCP.


Is this a container ?

No. CoffeeCP is vanilla Perl/PHP meant to run on vanilla control panels on vanilla operating systems.


Is CoffeeCP secure ?

Always. CoffeeCP does not require you to install a new control panel, open ports, or change basic control panel functioning.


Can I migrate from NGASI ?

Migrating from NGASI is simple and straight forward. We offer both a migration guide as well as a script. We also offer a migration service if you are not the hands-on type.


Who uses CoffeeCP ?

The technology developed by CoffeeCP is in use by customers in over 70 countries worldwide, including some of world's leading research and academic institutions as well as national goverments and NGOs.