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How to prepare for Brexit

The most popular (but probably least favorite) subject right now is Brexit. What is most concerning the public is the potential effect that Brexit might have on the economy, immigration, and the country as a whole. What the main question is though, is what Brexit will mean for the average British household. By March 2019, […]


Partnering a new adventure with a durable immune system and tranquil mind can make a trip all the more enjoyable. By promoting healthy habits throughout a holiday, the risk of falling victim to an illness can be lessened, leaving time aside to soak in new exciting experiences. To achieve this, various health tactics can be […]


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Monzo is an online app based bank that is revolutionising banking. It’s a fantastic solution providing heaps of benefits that help you both when you’re at home, as well as when you travel. At the time of writing Monzo is currently only available to UK residents, but they hope to eventually expand to other countries too. So […]


3 Tips to Simplify Packing for Overnight Travel

This summer I’ve found myself taking quite a lot of overnight trips. And whether I’m travelling for work, or spending a night at a friends’ house, I absolutely dread packing! A few things do make the process easier, however. So scroll down for three of my overnight packing tips. And don’t forget to share your […]


Why every man needs to travel at least once a year

I must admit – up until last year, my travelling CV wasn’t all that. Although I’d been to New York and Rome in my teens, my only other holiday was a horrible sweatfest in the ever-luxurious island of Zante. Now, with a few barnstorming trips away under my belt I can confirm that getting away […]

Workaway Makes It Easy to Travel the World on a Budget

Most of us dream of traveling the world, but the cost of travel deters us from ever seriously planning a long-term trip. By connecting hosts from all over the world with volunteers who are willing to help out on a certain project in exchange for free housing, Workaway is making it possible for those on a budget […]