TeleVZ for Business

TeleVz for business is an integrated communication suite designed to help businesses gain more customers
by enabling dynamic and interactive communication. Stay ahead of your competitors by signing up with TeleVz-business now.
TeleVz basic is FREE for all. No advertising, no data-mining, no profiling. Download and try it now

Subscription Plans

Unlimited text, audio & video call
Web Appointment Widget
Profile page
Business CardsLife-time
Price (*) Free$0.90 / account / month
Annual subscription: $10.80
10% discounted.
$0.90 / account / month
Annual subscription: $10.80
10% discounted.
7199307024Buy Now505-469-2650
(*) Enterprise customer: please contact us for custom quote.

Double-sized business card is per registered number. Back-side contains TeleVz usage instruction. Front-size include TeleVz logo and QR code. May take few weeks for delivery, depending on level of customization. Limit to 200-card per month.
No setup fee for standard or existing business card. Customized designers card requires one-time $50 setup fee.
Broadcast and Profile-page features are coming soon.