Stop animal cruelty

Stop Animal Cruelty!!

I have been noticing a rather distressing trend on the internet and even in my neighboring areas where few people enjoy animal cruelty. There have been multiple videos uploaded of animal cruelty. Especially ones targeted towards dogs. I am not saying that only dogs are the victim but many animals including cats, cows, cocks, rats, monkeys, and even snakes have to deal with it. We need to Stop animal cruelty and show some humanity.

Without a question, animal cruelty is one of the gruesome, sadistic and sickest crimes in the world. The worst part is, it is also the most preventable.
In every city around the world, people engage in animal cruelty. Whatever the reason is- None of them is acceptable for doing animal abuse. Animal cruelty in India goes unpunished because of the archaic Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, where the punishment for killing or hurting any animal is just 50 rupees.

50 rupees seriously, In America the FBI classified animal abuse as a Group A felony along the lines of arson, murder, and kidnapping. All we need in India is a simple amendment to the 1960 law which is not going to happen because animals are not a vote bank unfortunately.
Animal abusers come in all classes. I have seen Engineering students, medical students, teachers etc. from low class to high class many of them are animal abusers. 458-206-4165


Hello Guys this is my very first blog post. I am very much excited about blogging. First of all i want to tell you all why i choose the name “Devil Within Us”. It is based on Yin Yang concept. There are both Good and Evil inside all of us. Good habits like donations,helping others, make other happy, put a smile on someone else face and bad things like addiction, depression, anger issues, negative thoughts etc. But for doing good things and give back something to society, we first need to tackle the Devil within us.

” There are always something good in bad and something bad in good”.

In future i will try to provide solution of daily life problems and to create awareness about anxiety, mental health and how to deal with devil within us to find the right path.

Yin Yang(Good in bad & and bad in good)