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I'll help you pack.


Rudolf wants to know Edmond's past.

We stayed at a cheap hotel.

I told Lyndon he shouldn't drink that.

He took a walk before breakfast.

We thought their shop was a failure, but now they've gotten out from under and even expanded.

I grabbed my little sister's hand, and the two of us started to run.

Men differ from animals in that they can think and speak.

My suggestion is for more trees to be planted along the streets.

I'm not allowed to drive my father's car.

He mentioned your name to me.

It seems unfair to me.

He's not a saint. He just looks like one.

I don't think I'll have enough time to do everything I want to do.

Avocados are rich in vitamin E.

Our first class is math.


I'm not sure I'm ready to do this.

He began to look for a job.

Antonio is trying to find a job.

Those are the leftovers from lunch.

I may be elected.


Loyd didn't want Sean to see John anymore.


How long does it take to alter it?

Don't be so immature.

I talked to her for an hour.


Don't you give up on me.

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How many stops is it from here?

The work was all but finished.

Vaughn is a weird guy.


A new Take That's album! That's really something else!

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My mom always buys a bag of tortilla chips with a jar of salsa.

The ship is now in dock for a refit.

This is the same old problem we've had the past three years.

She reserved a room.

I can't afford to shop at such an expensive store.

This raises a most interesting question: how long does it take to starve to death?

Janet wants a bigger house.

I have no control over what you do.

I wish everyone would go away.


When I lifted a potted plant in my garden, there were swarms of little insects crawling underneath, and I instinctively let out a shriek.


He will eventually ruin himself.


The room was devoid of furniture.

It snowed hard yesterday.

I've got more room than I need.


Would you like to have a glass of water?

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How are you fixed with money?

I got tired of waiting for Noam, so I went on home.

I can't understand this.

Debbie is waiting in the lobby.

This tie goes well with the suit, I guess.


He kept silent for a long time.

Why don't you help me?

I had my wallet stolen on the bus.

Erick is from here.

The frost did a lot of damage to the crops.

Dan didn't even try to lose weight.

He got lost in the park.


Urs might have fooled you, but he won't fool me!

They issued a statement saying that the rumors regarding their divorce were complete nonsense. And yet, there's no smoke without fire.

Her father was the editor of a German newspaper in Latvia.

My advice is not to tell Susanne.

What's his problem?

I hope Revised says no.

Are you doing all right?

Honzo has to protect his family.

I keep saying that I'm innocent, but no one will listen.

The bedraggled houses were finally destroyed by the platoon.

"I heard voices in my head." "What were the voices saying?"

I'm really looking forward to Rainer's visit.

Forget it.

I'm asking you not to fulfill for me any of my requests.

I'm free.

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They hate parties.


I like how Francisco thinks.

I know whose car this is.

Do you think I should go by myself?


Many a student has failed the test.

I was annoyed that she was still asleep.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

The film began at 2.

Did you enjoy yourself?

Siping waited half an hour and then left.

We've run out of gasoline.


I had my licence renewed a week ago.

She confined herself to her study and wept to her heart's content.

I hate people who do that kind of thing.

I would've done that for you.

What will you have for lunch today?

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Douglas gave Delbert moral support.

He is a very serious person.

Dan didn't even come in.


What's obvious is that you're not very happy here.

Six multiplied by three is eighteen.

The rumor became common property.

Everyone knows that an escort service offers more than a good massage.

I couldn't help laughing at his haircut.

Take my hand. I want to show you something.

Triantaphyllos had to go to Boston on business.

Nobody knows where Harmon went.

Why are you out here all alone?

Be my guest.

He's younger than me.

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Don't throw the soup away, the grandfather will eat it up!


I'd like to file a complaint.


I wish you were dead!

I am a man of absolute sincerity.

The teenage fans were beside themselves with excitement when the rock star stepped off the plane.

"The Old Testament" is the first part of the Bible.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, an error has occurred.

There's absolutely no chance that Noemi will win the race.

We defeated our opponents in the last game.

If the times go against you, then go with the times.

We are anxious about her safety.

I believe it would disrupt the balance.


We are breast-feeding our babies.

Jim boasts of having passed the exam.

It was not until I had a baby myself that I knew what mother's love is.

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He must be lacking in common sense.

It should be right here.

My wife prepares very good meals in this kitchen.

Almost everything has gotten better.

What can I do for you, honey?


Stop the car now!


She was wearing a splendid outfit.

It's no joke! It's really a pain, you see.

I'm sorry for what I've done.


How late is late ?

Nothing's going to happen to Lenora.

Beth was asked by her lazy boyfriend to do his history homework.


I'm not sure I have the answers you're looking for.


Please speak slowly, so I can understand you.

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What are we going to do with that?

Claudio doesn't know how to handle children.

Bucky isn't very funny.


After thinking over it over and over, I came up with nothing.

Not all policemen are brave.

Eating between meals is bad for the figure.

He was too tired to walk any farther.

Olof doesn't have to pretend with me.

I made the changes you asked for.

The berries I ate gave me an upset stomach.

My parents have gone to the airport to see my uncle off.

Don't tell him I'm coming.


Father bought me a new bike.


We're a very close family.

Avery filled the room with cardboard boxes.

I hope you told them that.

Marty handed Grant a small brown bag.

It's my dream home.

I don't think Mysore likes you.

Did he say anything else about me?

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I'd be thrilled if I were invited.


Martyn was deeply in love with Teruyuki.

We like doing things on our own.

It was nice talking to you.


What would life be like without electricity?


Hold the racket tight.


His broad interests bring him broad views on everything.